MSPC Rules 1969 - Chapter 1


1. Short title - These rules may be called the Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council Rules, 1969.

2. Definitions - In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires -

  1. "Act'' means the Pharmacy Act, 1948 (8 of 1948)

  2. Section'' means a section of the Act

  3. "Council'' means the Maharashtra Sate Pharmacy Council constituted under section 19

  4. "Form'' means a Form appended to these rules'

  5. "Registrar'' means the Registrar appointed by the Council under section 26

  6. "Treasurer'' means the Registrar acting as a Treasurer or any other person appointed as such by the Council under section 26

  7. "Ministerial Staff'' means the clerks and other servants appointed by the Council under clause (b) of section 26

  8. "President'' means the President, elected under section 23.

3. Place of office - The office of the Council shall be situated at Bombay.