MSPC Rules 1969 - Chapter 3


72. Re-entry of name in the register - The Executive Committee may, on application received from a person whose name has been removed from the Register under section 34, direct the Registrar if it thinks fit to re-enter the name in the Register.

73. Application for re-entry - The application for re-entry if a name removed from the Registrar under section 34 shall be in Form 13 and shall be accompanied by the following documents, namely :-

  1. applicant's diploma, degree or experience certificate or certificate of educational qualification ;
  2. his certificate of registration in original if the same has not been already returned under sub-section (5) of section 36.

74. Restoration of name. - Any person whose name has been removed from the Register under section 36 but who still possesses a qualification entitling him to be registered under the Act, may make an application to the Council for the restoration of his name in the Register and the following procedure shall be followed in the case of every such application, namely :-

  1. the application shall be in writing addressed to the Council and signed by the applicant and shall state the grounds on which the application is made;
  2. the application shall be accompanied by-

    (a) a declaration made by the applicant setting forth the facts of the case and stating that he is the person originally registered, and

    (b) by one of the following documents-

    (i) applicant's diploma;
    (ii) his certificate of registration in original if the same has not been already returned by him in accordance with the provisions of sub-section (5) of section 36;

    (iii) a certificate in Form 14 from two Pharmacists registered under the Act as to his identity.
  3. The statements in the application shall also be verified by certificates in writing to be given by two pharmacists registered under the Act who are residents in the neighbourhood of the place where the applicant has been residing since the removal of his name and who were and are well acquainted with him before and since the removal of his name. They shall testify to his present good character.
  4. The application and the certificates referred to in sub-rules (2) and (3) shall be in Forms 15 and 16 with such variation as circumstances may require.
  5. Application for restoration to the Pharmacy Register of a name removed under section 36 shall be entertained at the next session of the Council.
  6. Before the application is considered by the Council, the Registrar shall notify the same to the Licensing Bodies whose qualifications were held by the applicant at the time his name was removed ; and shall further by letter addressed to the person or body (if any) on whose complaint the applicant's name was removed, give notice of the application and of the time when the council intends to consider the applicant.
  7. The Council shall consider the application and may, if it thinks the consideration of it to a future date or require further evidence or explanation from the applicant.
  8. On restoration of a name in the register of pharmacists, the Registrar will forthwith send intimation of such restoration to the licensing authority of the under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, and also to the Dean or Secretary or other proper officer of any body or bodies from which the pharmacist has received his qualification or qualifications as well as to the Registrars of all Registrars of all the State Councils.