MSPC Rules 1969 - Chapter 3


82. Donations - The Council is authorised to receive for the purpose of its expenses, benefactions and contributions from private persons and bodies already proceeds of the sale of reports and other publications.

83. Opening of bank accounts - An account shall be opened in the State Bank of India, Bombay or in any scheduled Bank, in the name of the Council and such of its money may be invested also in Government as the Executive Committee thinks fit.

84. Security of fidelity bond - The treasurer appointed under section 26 shall furnish a security for Rs. 1,000 or shall execute a fidelity bond for a similar amount to the satisfaction of the council. He shall receive all moneys payable to the council, or deposited in the manner provided in rule 83.

85. Statement of accounts -

  1. The treasurer shall superintend the details of income and expenditure of the Council and shall at each ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee submit a Financial statement showing the transactions of the Council for the month previous to one in which the meeting is held. This statement shall if possible be sent out with the notice calling the meeting.
  2. The treasurer shall in the month of July in each year prepare a statement of the income and expenditure of the preceding financial year ending 31st March, and draw the attention of the Council to such matters as seems deserving the notice.

86. Annual audit of accounts - As soon as possible after the statements of income and expenditure of the preceding financial year ending 31st March are approved, the Registrar shall request the State Government to get the accounts for that year duly audited.

87. Estimate of revenue and expenditure -

  1. The annual accounts and estimate for the next financial year shall be made up by the treasurer and laid before the Executive Committee by the Registrar.
  2. In the month of February, in each year, an estimate of the revenue and of the expenditure of the Council for the year commencing on 1st April next ensuring shall be laid before the Council.
  3. Such estimate shall make provision for the fulfillment of the liabilities of the Council and for effectually carrying out its objects. It shall include on its revenue side, besides all revenue ordinarily anticipated, such grant as Government may allot and all fees received from registration and other sources.

88. Supplementary estimates - The Council may at any time during the year for which any estimate has been sanctioned cause a supplementary estimate to be prepared and submitted to it. Every such supplementary estimate shall be considered and sanctioned by the Council in the same manner as if it were an original annual estimate. No expenditure shall be incurred by the Council which is not duly provided for in the budget or in a supplementary budget estimate.

89. Scrutiny of claims - A bill or other voucher presented as a claim for money shall be received and examined by the treasurer. If the claim be for a sum not exceeding Rs. 50 and the bill is in order, he shall pay it. If the claim be for a sum exceeding Rs. 50, payment shall be made after it is sanctioned by the President.

90. Accounting of all sums received or spent - The treasurer shall immediately bring into account in the general cash book all moneys received or spent by the Council.

91. Signing of cheques - All cheques on the Bank shall be signed by the President or his nominee and the Registrar.